1989 Thomas Cahak establishes Acryline AG with 4 employees in Höri and sets the first milestone in the company’s success story. From the very beginning a specialised CNC milling machine was used.
1995 Thanks to the great success Acryline AG can expand its team to 15 employees and move to a new site with 1300sqm of production space. Parallely, the machining facilities grow and now include a MAKA 4-axis-CNC-center and a Raskin laser cutting machine. Strategically, Acryline AG extends its competences and focuses also on production of technical plastic components and hereby encloses a sound strategic business segment.
2000 With the akquisition of a Mikron 5-axis CNC milling center and a Schaublin 7-axis CNC turning center with driven tools and a y-axis with a 65 mm bar capacity important investments for the following production years are made.
2005 Acryline AG moves into today’s location with 3000sqm of production space in Oberglatt, close to Zurich. The machining facilities are continuously expanded to suit the latest developments in plastics technology.
2006 That year Acryline invests into a modern SEI Laser cutting machine for computer-controlled cutting and engraving of plastic.
2007 With the acquisition of a temper and curing oven which is unique for the swiss plastics industry Acryline can now heat plastic objects up to 3x2 meters in size.
2008 Acryline buys one of the most modern computer-controlled cutting machines for the preparation of the plastic blanks.
2011 The company expands its machining facilities for further specialisation in high-precision operations with a new Hedelius 5-axis milling center with an 800 roundtable and a flatbed table (1200x600 mm).
2015 To secure the unique quality of our plastic products at the end of the production process the company invests in a new MicroVu multisensor measurement system for the optical measuring and quality control.
2016 The company's quality and environmental management is successfully certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Furthermore, Acryline AG acquires the latest model of SEI-Laser Mercury 2030 in order to increase production capacity. Thanks to the most modern laser technology plastic sheets up to 3 to 2 meters can be processed. The most modern software allows for higly precise cutting and engraving. At the end of the year 2016 Acryline AG invests into the future with a new Hedelius 5-axis CNC milling center. The new type Tiltenta 7 allows a wider range of manufacturing dimensions as well as more complexe processes thanks to the integrated tilting head.
2017 With the new 5-axis milling center Hedelius RS505 Magnum, Acryline AG presents another novelty in its modern machine park. This milling center has a fixed machine table with a rotating and tilting unit in the workspace, and has a highly dynamic performance, and exceptional precision. With this machine components with a high complexity can be manufactured efficiently in small as well as in large quantities. Furthermore, Acryline invests in a new storage solution with a Paternoster. This allows the storage of technical plastic sheets with dimensions of up to 2 x 1 meters in 85 storage bins.
2018 With the new turning and milling center the capacity of Acryline’s highly modern machine park can be further expanded. The combination with a swivelable milling head allows for manufacturing of highly modern turning and milling components with the EMCO Hyperturn 65. Thanks to the counter spindle these components can be produced in a single operation. At the beginning of the year 2018 Acryline AG was honored with the second place of the KMU Price organized by the Zürcher Kantonalbank. We are particularly pleased with this award as the Acryline team sees it as a reward for the technological and commercial development of the company over the last 3 decades.