Sponsoring Sailing

Acryline AG is proud to support Simon Koster as professional swiss sailor. With his ClassMini 650 he participates successfully in regattas such as the Minitransat 2013/2015 which challenges the participants to cross the Atlantic single-handed.

Lightweight and robustness are elementary in sailing. The materials used must ensure highest durability. In cooperation, Simon Koster and Acryline AG have developed guides for the rake control of the foils as well as for the keel and the helm. The components are made from specific plastic. These custom products are manufactured from polyamid and carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and they have been tested under extreme conditions.

Simon Koster will further develop his ClassMiniProto Eight Cube 888. He is constantly testing plastic components under new conditions.

Acryline Sponsoring Sailing